Rabu, 28 April 2010

Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5 x32 pre-release

With the advent of Photoshop CS5 photographers have access to a function of the new generation to create images with high dynamic range (HDR). Combining pictures with different exposures in one HDR-image, Photoshop CS5 accurately retains the full range of key scenes. New technology allows the HDR Pro to eliminate spurious distortions and provides more precise control of the tone mapping. With features HDR rendering, users can simulate HDR-images using a single image, claim the developers.

photoshop cs5
Portable Adobe Photoshop CS5 x32 pre-release | 122MB

In addition, Photoshop CS5 includes revolutionary tools to enhance the creative potential of users. Brand new drawing tools include a tool Mixer Brush, who mixes an infinite number of colors on one brush tool Bristle Tips, creating the effect of this smear brush. With Puppet Warp tool, users can change the position or view of any element of the image, for example, straightened his bent arm on the photos or adjust an image of the landscape to create a new spatial perspective.
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Language: English
The medicine: not required
Size: 122.75 MB

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Bahaya Merokok on 29 April 2010 20.30 mengatakan...

Photoshop yang lama saja blom bisa....udah keluar baru lagi. Tapi memang saman makin maju. Klau tidak mengikuti bisa berbahaya. Oya jangan lupa ROKOK juga sangat berbahaya.

Manik Manik on 29 April 2010 20.40 mengatakan...

speed lemot bro.....download file size 122 Mb an masih mimpi dalam hidupku. semoga di tempatku akses internet makin kenceng biar bisa update blog tentang kerajinan manik manik...!

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